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3 Things You Can Gift Your Skincare Freak Best Friend

Skincare is not just a luxury; it is a basic necessity – which is why most people are hesitant about giving it to someone as a gift. However, if your best friend loves to take care of her skin and engages in a detailed skincare routine, what's better than gifting her a skincare set.

Skincare products are expensive and useful – they can be a perfect gift to show someone you care for them and value their liking. This is why we decided to help you out here. If you are looking for something valuable, fancy, and beneficial for your best friend, skincare products can be the best gift to offer. And when it comes to skincare, what brand is better than Jenessence – a natural beauty therapy.

J’enesence is an organic base and 100% vegan skincare brand that offers a range of products targeting various skin issues. The best thing here is that they have an entire collection of skincare gift sets that make it easy for you’re to pick the one that caters to what you’re looking for in skincare. So, without further ado, let's have a look at their gift sets –they contain some of the most amazing skincare products to gift your skincare freak best friend!

3 Things to Gift your Skincare lover Friend

Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage Body Lotion and Wash Bundle

This is the best gift set for a person who loves to smell good because this lotion and body wash are infused with lavender's beautiful fragrance. It is made from naturally derived ingredients and is amazing for relaxing and rejuvenating your body. You must already know the benefits of lavender – it is a flowering plant that helps treat skin blemishes. Its scent improves sleep and calms nerves; hence it's perfect for a nighttime shower and massage session.

Your friend can definitely include this in her nighttime skin and body care routine because it is also a natural remedy for pain. So, who wouldn't want to surround themselves with the lovely scent of lavender and calm their sore muscles after a tiring night out? Moreover, we have a great news here as well - they have also introduced bath salts in the same range!

What better than that? Now just prepare your best friend for a super relaxing bath time where she can unwind, relax in the lavender scent and thank heavens for giving her a friend like you!

Restore and Refresh Bundle

This is another great gift for your best friend who loves to take of herself. This is another package featuring a body lotion and body wash infused with mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary benefits. You can actually gift your friend a surprise self-date where she can take her time and have a relaxing bath time with these products. The body wash will calm her body, while the lotion will moisturize her skin, making it look plump and refreshed.

The best thing about this gift set is that it has three amazing products with an amazing scent and numerous benefits. Rosemary is a cognitive stimulant that is best for calming nerves down – which means you'll love to shower after a tiring day. Eucalyptus is an antioxidant and works great for dry skin and mint; as well known, it smells great and keeps you cool and calm. So, what's better than gifting this skincare set which is packed with benefits and an amazing scent!


Nourish and Refine Therapy Bundle

Like the previous one, this bundle is also a complete package with a lotion and body wash. However, this features the amazing benefits of rose oil, tea tree oil, and neroli oil. This gift set is perfect for all skin types and does wonders for someone with early signs of aging. So, if your best friend is anywhere over 25, this is the best way to remind her to keep her skin fresh and young.

We all know rose oil contains key vitamins and helps in keeping skin healthy, and Neroli oil stimulates cell regeneration. Similar tea tree oil is very soothing and helps people with dry skin. If someone is suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or has scars, this bundle's lotion is the best solution for them. So don't hesitate and give your best friend something she can use to take care of herself and her skin.

Shop at J’enessence for Natural Beauty Products    

J’enessence is a skincare brand that offers some of the best naturally made, organic skincare products that target people with numerous skin types. The gift sets available at their online store are perfect for any girl – whether it's your best friend, your girlfriend, or your mom, no one would mind getting something so useful and good for skin. Plus, they now also have this range of products in a travel size kit as well, so let J'enessence become your perfect travel partner. Don't think too much; visit their website and pick the gift set that fits our best friend needs the most!

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