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About J'enessence

J’enessence was born from a desire to launch a woman owned business focused on a natural product line to protect and treat the body in the best way possible. It was also born from a very challenging life story that inspired the founder to show others who might be in her position that even the toughest obstacles can be surmounted and turned into purposeful and meaningful life work. It is often asked about so here is her story.
The founder was born as an American citizen in 1986 and raised in Taiwan. There she faced terrible poverty against the backdrop of a country that was in constant turmoil and made life feel additionally precarious. Her hardest struggles though were caused by mental, emotional and physical abuse that she endured from her family & life experiences. When she was 13, she thought things would turn around when her family immigrated back to the US to New York City. In fact things spiraled even more. She became homeless and lived in NYC shelters. In spite of this, she managed to stay in school and had a few people who really cared about her-including her math teacher Mr. Reich who pushed her to apply for college scholarships. Her big break came when she was awarded a Seinfeld scholarship through Jerry Seinfeld and his family’s generosity and received 4 years of tuition support leading her to get a B.B.A. in Finance from Baruch college. Other support systems have included Dress for Success which have kept her focused on staying motivated and pursuing her dreams.
She’s beyond thrilled that J’enessence has been so well received to date and she’s looking forward to introducing it to more and more people. She’s gratified to have created something that works so well and also excited, and hopeful, to have the chance to give back to others both in her community and beyond one day. The ability to pay it forward and help others is very important to her. We admire and is an active supporter of Dress for Success and other not for profit organizations. We are hoping to grow and be able to sponsor or donate to DFS and even hire unemployed women in the future. 
Thank you for reading her story and for your interest in J’enessence. We’d love to hear your story too, so please feel free to contact us.
J’enessence Family