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Your Skincare Guide to Various Skin Problems

Good skin is not only a blessing; it is something we have to work hard for. Everyone is born with beautiful clear skin, but as time passes by, people start experiencing various skin issues that often leave their skin dull, scarred, or wrinkly. This is one reason why everyone is advised to engage in skincare from a young age to add benefits to their skin and avoid common skin problems.

There is no doubt that, most often than not, skin problems are genetic or hormonal – because of which some people are more likely to develop an issue than other people. And this is where your correct approach to skincare comes into play. Sure, you cannot change your genes or hormones that are contributing to the problems, but you can definitely use the right products to minimize their effect and prevent your skin from developing more issues.

Hence, we decided to share this guide for people facing 2 of the most common skin problems. Today we will tell you about the symptoms, causes, and treatment approaches for various skin issues.

Skincare Guide to 2 Common Skin Problems

1.      Acne-Prone Skin

Quite evident from the name, acne-prone skin is skin that experiences frequent breakouts. There are many different types of pimples that we can get all over our bodies, but acne is probably one of the worst types. Acne is painful and can leave blemishes and marks on your skin. You can identify an acne-prone skin with the frequency and pain of pimples that form on your skin – people with acne-prone skin often have inflamed skin and experience regular outbreaks.

Causes of Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is mostly just due to genetics – if acne runs in your family, there are high chances that you will develop the same issues sooner or later. However, hormones also have a huge part to play here. Acne is often caused by changes in hormones, which is why many people experience a lot of acne on their cheeks during puberty.

Another reason is oily skin – people that have increased oil production in their skin are prone to developing acne, especially on their face. Sebaceous glands are tiny glands on our body responsible for oil production; people with overactive sebaceous glands have high oil production, which leads to increased acne.

Treatment for Acne-Prone Skin

If you are suffering from excessive and very painful acne, the best treatment would be to get proper medication. However, certain natural skincare products target acne-prone skin that can help people with the recurring issue. Focus on the following ingredients and make sure whatever product you are buying to treat your acne is based on these ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Azelaic Acid
  • Tea tree oil
  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)

2.      Aging Skin Problem

Aging is a natural process, and it is not much you can do about it. Like all other body parts, skin also experiences aging with time – however, some people experience it earlier and with more symptoms than others.

The most common symptoms of aging include wrinkles and sagging skin. Look at all the older people around you; most of them have saggy skin with wrinkles on their faces. This is something inevitable that everyone has to experience one day or another. However, some people start seeing wrinkles around their lips and eyes as soon as they hit 30, which is not alright!

anti-aging cream

Causes of Ageing Skin

Like we said earlier, the is no direct cause of aging skin because it is a natural process, and your skin will experience it one day or another. However, for people who start experiencing aging signs early in age – the leading cause is UV radiation. Spending long hours in the sun can break down skin's connective tissues and lead to sagging and wrinkles.

Other reasons are people being irresponsible with their diet and sleep schedule. A healthy night's sleep contributes a lot to healthy skin, and people who are irregular sleepers experience dark circles, which leads to wrinkles around the eyes.

Treatment for Ageing Skin

The best treatment approach for aging skin is avoiding the sun and using proper sunscreen to fight the UV rays present. Other than this, you need to have a proper skincare routine every day focused on your aging problem. It is always advisable to include an anti-aging day and night cream in your regimen every day and make sure it has the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol


Skin problems are quite prevalent, and anyone can be prone to developing a skin issue at any time of their life – but what really matters is how you take care of it. Investing in skincare products I extremely important – not just to cater to a skin problem but also to make sure you do not experience it.

Most people need to understand that skin care products can protect our skin from various skin issues – you should not only resort to them when you start experiencing a problem. Hence if you are on the lookout for some highly effective, good quality, and affordable skincare products, check out J’enessence and their organic skincare range.

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