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What Are Night Creams and Why Are They Important For Ageing Skin

We may not know this, but our skin is one of the most delicate organs of our body. While it is also the most resilient as it forms a protective layer over our internal body parts and faces the harshness of our environment – the fact that one wrong move can ruin your skin makes it very delicate. There is no doubt that our skin needs a lot of pampering – the environment, our diet, our sleep cycle, and even our age directly impacts our skin.

People who take their skin for granted often suffer and regret it later – it is important to take ample care of your skin while you are still young; once your skin starts aging, there isn't much you can do. This is why today we decided to talk about the importance of having a healthy skin care regiment – and the most critical component of it, which is a night cream.

It has always been advised to everyone, especially for women over 25, to start investing in the right skincare products and develop a suitable skincare regiment. Your daily skincare routine can help you fight any existing skin issues and plays a huge role in preventing other problems. For women over 25, it is essential to understand that skin aging is a natural process that begins once you turn 30.

Hence, if you don't want to start seeing signs of aging on your face, you need to start working towards building an anti-aging skincare routine from today. While you add many other essential products to the routine, you must not, at all costs, forget a night cream.

If you are confused about it, don't worry. We're here for you. Today we will tell you what a night cream is and why it is important – especially for aging skin. So without further ado, let's dive in!

What is a Night Cream?

Like any other face cream, a night cream is also a cream-based skincare product formulated to apply to the skin. However, it is different from other products because it is only designed to be used after the daytime – ideally before sleeping.

Your night cream usually goes at the end of your nighttime skincare routine and acts as the final barrier. This is also one reason why people often confuse a night cream with a moisturizer – even though the two are immensely different.

The formula used in a night cream focuses on matching the skin's "nighttime rhythm," or contain ingredients that is best to use without exposing to sunlight such as Vitamin A (Retinol), which is why it is advised against to be used during the day. In contrast, a moisturizer hydrates the skin and increases its absorption of other products.

Difference between a Day Cream and a Night Cream

Many people repeat their daytime skincare regime at night as well. We understand this is quite a pocket-friendly approach and is also less complex – buying, carrying, and then understanding two different ranges of products can be a little tricky. However, nothing is worth it if your skin is suffering – and even though you might save up money and time by doing this, you're doing your skin no good.

A day cream and a night cream are two very different skincare products – they have different formulations, purposes, and usage instructions. Just like a night cream is designed to work on your skin while you sleep, a day cream is formulated to protect your skin from the harshness you face during the day.

There are many light and heat-sensitive ingredients in a night cream that you should not put on your skin during the day. And similarly, the formula of a daytime cream most often doesn't work with the other products you are using during the night.

Importance of Using a Night Cream

It Treats the Skin all Night

At night, most of our body grows and repairs; this is also when most of our cells are built. Targeting the right cell growth in your skin is very important, and night cream helps a lot with that. Using a night cream ensures that your skin cells have all the important nutrients for them to function and repair at night.

Moreover, a night cream also boosts the functions and benefits of the other products being used in a nighttime routine. It allows your serums and moisturizers to better absorb in the skin and improve their function through the night.

It has a Moisturizing Effect

Even though a night cream can never replace a moisturizer, it does leave a moisturizing effect on your skin. It keeps the skin hydrated overnight and makes sure it doesn't get dry while you sleep. People who regularly apply a night cream have supple and smooth skin. This is very effective for people with aging skin who start developing patchy and wrinkly skin due to dryness – a night cream provides their skin with ample hydration to rejuvenate.

It Helps Boost Collagen Production

Collagen is a connective tissue in our skin that helps keep the skin tight and prevents it from becoming saggy and wrinkly. As we age, the collagen buildup slows down and starts depleting our skin. This is why anti-aging night creams focus on boosting collagen production, which makes the skin tight and reduces the signs of aging from one's skin.

It Soothes the Skin

Our skin has one of the toughest jobs to do, and that is facing the harshness of the environment. Our skin is a target of pollutants, irritants, and dirt throughout the day, and it deserves all the pampering you can give it during the night. And that is what a night cream does for it – after a rough day out in the sun and dirt, night creams provide your skin with soothing effects. And like we know, UV rays are the worst for your skin and can cause early signs of aging – a night cream has the right ingredients to fight against it.

How to Choose the Perfect Night Cream for Anti-aging?

After we know what a night cream is and how important it is for us, the question arises of how we can find the perfect night cream for us. You must keep in mind certain factors when buying a night cream – the first, of course, should be the price point. There are numerous brands with many expensive night creams available in the armlet – you should try to find one within your budget. However, most important is its ingredients.

The ingredients present in a night cream help you determine how effective it will be on your skin and how it can fight signs of aging. A good anti-aging night cream must have retinol, the most important anti-aging ingredient. It must also have vitamin C and E – that help nourish aging skin.

Just like the Naturally ageless anti-aging night cream by J’enessence, which is perfect for aging skin and helps rebuild new cells in your skin. Hence, this will be your best pick if you have any confusion! So don't hesitate and get your hands on it!

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