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J'enessence Detox and Relax Natural Therapy Lavender Body Lotion and Wash Bundle Set

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The Perfect Gift Set

Take $5 off when you buy together. J’enessence™ Detox & Relax Natural Therapy Lotion and Wash Bundle Set. Made with 100% natural Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage, this purifying formula removes daily impurities caused by excess pollutant residue and oil. A natural detoxifier to help prevent your skin from over drying, it also rejuvenates appearance of old and dead skin cells back to your youthful glow.

This set was created to detoxify your skin naturally while providing an at home spa treatment and destress and relax you anytime of the day.

  • Lavender oil is known for helping us to relax, not only so it is anti-inflammatory & potentially improves blood circulation. It is also a great skin detox and helps prevent wrinkles!

  • Lemon oil is known to improve skin complexion, fights acne, and prevents premature skin aging.

  • Clary Sage oil is known to be anti-depressant, rich in antioxidant, and reduces flatulence!

Bundle deal comes with:

  • 8oz. Detox & Relax Natural Body Lotion

  • 8oz. Detox & Relax Natural Body Wash

When order, please choose the packaging you prefer - to see our clear or white options please slide through pics.

All natural body washes and natural body lotions are made from organic coconut and organic olive oils, and great for people who have sensitive skin.

100% Vegan 
100% Dye or colorant free
100% Synthetic fragrances free (naturals scents only)
100% Sulfate free
100% Parabens free
100% No animal testing

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