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Best Skin Care Routine for Aging Skin: 5 Tips

Best Skin Care Routine for Aging Skin

Taking care of our skin is always important, but this becomes even more true as we get older. Why is this the case and what happens to our skin that requires us to shift our focus to a mature skin care routine?

There are several things that happen to our skin as we age. After years of smiling and laughing, our facial muscles have developed creases in the skin—a.k.a. wrinkles and fine lines. Unfortunately, mature skin also loses fat volume and starts to droop. Additionally, we start to see the results of too many of our younger days spent in the sun without SPF or even the consequences of a smoking habit we might have abandoned several decades earlier.

While we don’t have a magic spell to turn back the clock and take better care of our younger skin, there are ways to care for aging skin that can help you look—and feel—younger and more beautiful.

So how do we do this? Ask anyone for advice on a skin care routine and you’re bound to get a wide range of responses. But what is truly the best skin care routine for aging skin?

What Is the Best Way to Treat Aging Skin?

People are often looking for the most effective way to make their skin look years younger. Some will argue that medical procedures are the best way for lasting results. These procedures could include facelifts, Botox, laser treatments, and many other beauty trends that have hit the market. Although these are a few possibilities to help women look younger, they can be invasive and require a substantial amount of recovery time. Not to mention that these procedures can require multiple visits to the doctor which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

For many people, surgery, fillers, and lasers are just not a choice they are willing to make. Many women don’t want to go through with these procedures or deal with recovery times. They want a more natural way to care for their skin. These individuals are often the ones who ask themselves: How do I start an anti-aging skincare routine? 

5 Tips for the Best Skin Care Routine for Aging Skin

For those who are looking for non-invasive ways to take care of their aging skin, here are five tips to help you start an easy-to-manage mature skin care routine:

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Select a face wash that is gentle on the skin so it doesn’t cause you any irritation. Washing the skin will help free your pores of dirt and grime that can build up on the face. You want to make sure you have a clean and refreshed face before you start to apply your moisturizer or anti-aging creams so you can be sure their important ingredients are getting absorbed right into the skin.

2. Use SPF daily.

Hopefully this has been the plan since your youth, but even if you have been laid back with your sunscreen application in the past, it’s not too late to step up your game now. Protection from the sun is key in preventing more wrinkles and skin discoloration from appearing. Find a good moisturizer with SPF and apply it every morning—even if you aren’t sure you’ll be leaving your house. If you do— your skin will be protected—no matter what the day brings!

3. Apply a quality anti-aging cream.

Look for an anti-aging cream that contains skin enhancing ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C. These creams are formulated to help improve your aging skin. You can even find anti-aging creams that contain extra ingredients to enrich the product. For example, J’enessence offers an anti-aging cream that contains CBD crystals and therapeutic essential oils as well as the much-desired ingredients Retinol, CoQ10, and Vitamin C and E oils. This cream is also vegan-friendly and designed to be gentle on the skin.

4. Invest in a good eye cream.

As we get older, the delicate skin around the eyes can definitely start to show our age. We often complain about the sagging skin beneath the eyes and the dark circles that stare back at us in the mirror. By choosing a quality eye cream, you can apply a formula that is specifically designed to help this delicate skin area reduce puffiness and discoloration while improving elasticity.

5. Take care of yourself—eat and sleep well.

Although this may not seem like part of a skin care routine, it actually is one of the most important things you can do to protect your skin. If you are tired, your face will show it. Aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. And eat foods that are healthy for your body as this healthiness will be reflected in your skin. Hydrate with lots of water and consume a variety of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. It will make a difference!

How you can start a mature skin routine

 As we start to advance in age, our skin has different needs. A mature skin care routine has to specifically address concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, sagging skin, and enlarged pores. But rest assured that there are some tried and true ways to treat aging skin.

Consistently washing your face with a gentle cleanser, applying a moisturizer with SPF, using a quality anti-aging cream and a good eye cream as well as eating and sleeping well can all contribute to better skin. With just a few modifications to your current skincare routine, you can start seeing healthier, more vibrant skin every time you glance in the mirror.

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